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Birthstone Jewelry: Superb Gifts For Remarkable Celebrations

People have always loved buying birthstone jewelry for themselves or for family and friends, however, modern birthstones only became the norm in the early 18th century. Mythical birthstones were from Tibet. Biblical birthstones are the 12 tribes of Israel and of course Zodiac birthstones are the 12 signs of the zodiac. 

Today we mostly follow the modern way. Birthstones are gemstones that are traditionally concerned with 12 birth months of a year. Birthstones are available as precise or artificial gemstones. Each precious stone has entitled qualities associated with it. Birthstones have been around since ancient history. Those days were believed to possess some magical power that could defend the owner or wearer of the stone. There are many persons who believe that birthstones have special use to them. Modern birthstones are linked to the calendar months. Many people love to wear jewelry items with the set of birthstones.


Birthstones of Every Month

January- Garnet
Red Garnet is the symbol of truth and faithfulness.

February- Amethyst
Bright purple Amethyst represents courage & inner strength.

March- Aquamarine
Ice-blue Aquamarine symbolizes deep friendship, hope, and fidelity.

April- Diamond
Radiant and brilliant, Diamond symbolizes eternity health and richness.

May- Emerald
Rich and Bright, Emerald is the symbol of royalty, allegiance, and love.

June- Pearl
Shiny and lovely, Pearl incarnates peace, beauty & friendship.

July- Ruby
Firecracker Ruby embodies integrity, confidence, passion, courage, and emotion.

August- Peridot
Bright Green Peridot brings success, good fortune, and loyalty.

September- Sapphire
Sapphire is the symbol of excellence, virtue and good fortune. It is available in many colors.

October- Opal
Pavonine and elegant, Opal is the stone which symbolizes inspiration, calm and lasting love.

November- Citrine
Warm golden-yellow Citrine embodies amenities, success, and prosperity.

December- Blue Topaz
Majestic Blue Topaz is the symbol of inspiration and understanding.


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